Sunday, March 31, 2013

With You, Always

"I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

These are the last words of Jesus, recorded  in the gospel of Matthew, and they are words I cling to these days.   While traversing the  difficulties, sorrows,  anxiety, and challenges that have defined my life of late, I have prayed to fully absorb that.

He is with me.  Always.

I have prayed to fully understand it. To believe it. To live as if I am fully confident that it is true.  To know that I cannot fail when He is with me...that nothing can overwhelm,  defeat or overtake me.  Likewise, to know that I will ultimately be victorious as I abide in Him, and He in me-in every realm of this life~ 

In my community and in my day to day life.  He is with me ALWAYS. In every trial. While  I cannot ascertain the purpose of these "brief and momentary" trials,  I do know that they are not random happenings in a life run amok.  I do not see the beginning to the end, but He does. Perhaps He is planning something new for me that I currently have no visibility of.  Hence, my only option is to trust that He sees all and knows all, and then  to leave it in His hands, believing He walks with me.

Right beside me. ALWAYS.

Help me Lord, to stay on the path, even when it is treacherous and dark and scary...when things go from bad to worse, remind me that You are the captain of this ship and that shipwreck is not in Your plan.  Though I am laid low, You are still on high. Though the storms rage and the waves crash and though I am truly humbled by my affliction,  you don't leave me forlorn and alone.  You are with me, ALWAYS

Help us Lord, to know this. To really KNOW it.  Show us Your power and Your glory.  Heal the sick. Mend the broken. Feed the hungry.  Visit the lonely. Comfort the grieving. Give rest to the weary.  Be merciful to the unrepentant. Be kindness to the harsh, forgiveness to the failed.  Be a guide to those who are lost and a protector to the careless.  Give  clarity to the confused and peace to the tormented.  Thank you Lord that you are all these things and that you are with us. 


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  1. Praying for you, always...
    loving you through it all, always :-)

    Love you

    P.S Love the new blog format!