Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The REST of the Story...

In Disney speak, "It's a brand new world".  After decades of going to work daily and answering to the powers that be, I handed in my resignation and planned for what Paul Harvey called, "the rest of the story."  I gave a month's notice.  In my resignation letter,  I expressed appreciation to my final employer for the opportunities I'd been given, the relationships that were forged and the privilege of serving with a team of  genuinely caring individuals doing great work that mattered.   I wished for them God's blessing as they continued the work I would leave behind.  
To quote myself (and why not?) 
"It's been a high calling--it's just no longer mine. "  
(more about that in another post)

In what seems like a mere twinkling of the eye,  two months have passed.  It really is a "brand new world!" The most frequently asked question has been, "so, what are you doing? "   Mostly I reply with a smile and a wink and the words "Whatever I want."  It just flies out of my mouth.  It's a joyous thing. I'm not gloating, just enjoying.    All that aside, for those of you truly  interested in more details, here's a stroll through  some of the things (in addition to posting again) that have been keeping me occupied  these last eight weeks.  I share it with you #because I can. 

'Got this close to Dr. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy and heard him speak.
This was the beginning of Beef Bourguignon.  I've done a LOT of cooking…
With some savvy sous chefs….
'Not gonna lie, I've eaten  a little pizza with the littles…

Took some long walks with some short legs…

Took a KickBoxing Class with my Sister-In-Love, Christine
Took a little  road trip with the husband to see our Michelle…
#becausesandiego #notengland 
Hung out with some famous folks…
Stopped to smell the roses…

Made a new friend in my own back yard,

Enjoyed lunch at Terranea with peeps I love…
Enjoyed the artist at work
I've read a LOT of books. I could only hold a few…
Adjusting to being home with this guy everyday and trying not to drive him crazy.

Celebrated a birthday with the fam'

Story is not over…more to come...

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