Monday, January 2, 2012

More or Less

More rest, less working late
More ministry, less wasted time

More time with husband, less time alone
More order, less chaos
More salad, less meat
More encouragement, less criticism
More assuming the best, less expecting the worst
More giving, less spending
More reading, less facebook
More handwritten notes, less email
More talking, less bickering
More leisure, less rushing
More saying no, less feeling overwhelmed
More moving, less sitting
More laughter, less irritation
More patience, less frustration
More trust, less doubt
More faith, less confusion
More moments, less days lost
More walks, less working lunches
More fruits, less sugar
More awareness, less auto-pilot
More contentment, less envy

More humility, less pride

More forgiveness, less holding onto hurts

More love, less indifference

More kindness, less hurtfulness

More joy, less sorrow

More health, less sickness

More gratitude, less heartache.

More sleep, less weariness

More peace, less anger.

More Jesus, less me.



  1. The best I've read this year!! Seriously love it...