Monday, August 11, 2014

Epiphany~Only ONE

This might not sound like much,
But, I had this thought, today.

There is only One. 

'See,  I've been wrestling with a pretty big issue. 
In the midst of it, I've been looking for that one person,
That white knight  or fairy godmother, who would fix things.

You, know: 
Right what was wrong. 
Find the missing pieces.
Forgive every failure,
Redeem what was lost. 

I used all my power and influence and found it lacking. 
I reached out to this one and that, with no satisfactory response.
I complained. Grumbled. Whined. And yes, I even prayed.
 (imagine that.)

And, then, as if in answer to prayer,   I spied a new potential "savior" on the horizon.
 I secretly rejoiced- sure that they held the key
Confident that they would see all, know all and understand all clearly.
They were gonna be the fixer-upper. 

But business as usual prevailed. 
Hope waned. 
Frustration grew.
Anger flared.
Disappointment turned to resignation.

And then it happened. 
The light bulb burst forth light.

There is only one Savior. 
Only. One. 

If I put my faith in any human being,
I will know disappointment. 
They will fail just as I so often do.

They will fall short and I will not feel heard or  respected or valued. 
There is no earthly one who will never fail. 
There is only One. 

Yesterday, today and forever. 

Only. One. 

And One's all I need. JESUS.


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